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Kelly Moore Exterior Fast Drying Traffic paint is used for all our commercial and private striping needs. We work directly with the customer to layout and install any striping layout, basketball court, ADA striping, or any other ideas a customer may have.

Blacktop Sealing & Striping, Inc.

We clean all cracks with high power blowers and scrub brushes to create a clean canal for our hot rubberized material. This prevents future water from infiltrating the cracks and restores the nice even surface of your parking lot or roadway. Blacktop Sealing uses 'Crafco Roadsaver Low Tack' hot crack filler, which is CA and NV DOT approved.

Teichert Aggregates makes our Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) out of Truckee or South lake Tahoe. (
BTS takes pride in our paving crew's work, which is done all by hand. Our crews specialize in small to medium additions, walk-ways, large to small repairs that range from saw-cut, remove and replace to the basic skin patches. Our maneuverable dump truck and equipment allows our crew to access many areas a large paver can not.

BTS (Blacktop Sealing) uses 'OverKote with Latex Additive Professional Grade Asphalt Sealer' produced by Raynguard in Sacramento. ( RaynGuard has been our supplier for sealer for nearly 20 years. We have built a close relationship with their company, which has helped Blacktop stay up to date with new groundbreaking products. BTS stands by our work and our work is represented by our driveway sealer.